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Vanceva® Colors

Vanceva Colors Interlayer series provide an integral solution for colored laminate glass.

The system based on 16 basic colors and those colors can be combined up to four layers to achieve desired color laminated glass. Visible light transmittance varies from 0% to 89%, and solar transmission from 10% to 80% based on different color combinations.


Vanceva Colors PVB Interlayers

Besides the normal Vanceva Colors interlayer system, there is another two colors portfolio.


Vanceva White Collection

(Cool White, Arctic Snow, Polar White, Illusion White). White color acts as the most fundamental color on modern buildings, it creates clean, open, and purified space.


Vanceva Earth Tones Collection

(Graphite, Shale, Marine, Glacier, Sky, Truffle, Gobi, Mocha, Dusk, Limestone, Dolomite total). Those colors can be perfect substitutions for body tinted glass and ceramic frit glass, especially on small projects without sacrificing building uniformity.

Over 17000 different combinations, from transparent, semi-transparent, to obscure color schemes to help the designers and homeowners to create the perfect building appearance.


Each Vanceva color has a four-digit number, we can easily lock the final color by tools or simple formula.

Color Selector Tool

color selector tool

(, where you can see all the color schemes or types the desired color according to Vanceva Color Code, RGB Color Code, Pantone Color Code, RAL Color Code, and NCS Color Code.

After selecting the ideal color, we can see the color tune on the right. The specific data-sheet can be download, with Vanceva color information and all the thermal performance of the color you choose.

Simple Sum Formula

Adding the four-digit number together to get the final color, then find the exact same color numbers on the Vanceva.

color combination1
color combination2
color combination3
color combination4
color combination5


Vanceva Colors PVB glass can be applied both interior and exterior. From outside facades, wall claddings, balustrades, to inside meeting rooms, partitions, whiteboards, screens, etc.PV

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