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Silkscreen Glass

Silkscreen glass also names as silk printing glass, as well as ceramic frit glass. It is a type of decorative glass. First of all, printing a layer of lead-free ink on the glass surface through a mesh, then tempering or heat strengthening.

Impressively, the printing pattern could be shapes, dots, lines, lines & dots combination, and full coverage. Besides, it can also be front-side printing, back-side printing, and twice printing on the same side. Furthermore, the finished pattern is durable, scratch-resistant, solar-shading, and anti-glare.

  • Quality Standard: GB15763, AS/NZS2208, EN12150, ASTM C 1048

Thickness, limitations & color range

Silk screen glass size limit: 300*300mm to 3660*18000mm

Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm

Glass color: clear, low iron, blue, grey, bronze, green, black, etc.

Different designs: dots, lines, holes, full coverage, etc.

Combinations: toughened, heat strengthened, laminated, IGU, etc.

Ink color range: RAL, NCS, Pantone, etc.

Features of silk-screen glass

Variation: wonderfully, there are multiple colors and designs with lines, dots, and full coverage.

Safety and security: toughened silkscreen glass has, without any doubt, all properties of toughened safety glass.

Durability: additionally, the silkscreen glass has scratch-resistance and a long-term lifetime.

Solar shading: with different colors and patterns, the glass is useful in solar shading and color changing.

Abundant choices: last but not least, combining into double glazing and Sentry glass creates more design options.

Benefits of silk-screen glass

Variation: creating more designs and options. No doubt, these will inspire you and fulfill your imagination.

Safety and security: the silkscreen glass naturally, could be used as single glazed toughened glass. 

Durability: the perfect option for external applications. No further maintenance is required. 

Solar shading: a perfect choice for sun shading applications. It includes but not limited to windows, facades, and skylights. 

Abundant opportunities: you will achieve stunning appearances with different safety glass combinations.

Ceramic Frit Glass Applications:

windows and doors, facades and curtain walls, balustrades and handrails, splash-backs. Likewise, glass partitions, blinds, louvers, canopies, etc.

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