Saflex DG41 Structural Interlayers

dg41 cover

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Saflex DG Structural PVB Interlayer is a kind of tough, resilient interlayer made of plasticized PVB. It is used as a special interlayer for rigidity, high adhesion, high stiffness needed applications.

Saflex DG structural series including DG41 and DG41XC, basic 0.76mm thickness, 450mm to 3220mm width, 250 meters per roll.




Physical Properties 

Heat, Gravity, Hardness Property

Mechanical Properties

Elongation at failure, Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Poisson’s Ratio

Thermal Properties

Thermal expansion coefficient, Thermal conductivity

Solar Properties

Solar Transmittance, Visible Transmittance, UV Screening

properties of saflex® structural pvb interlayer 


Post-breakage Safety

Higher load capability sustains safety after glass broken.

Superior Edge Stability

Enhanced laminated glass delamination resistance and superior performance.

Enhanced Unit Strength

Suitable for oversized glass beyond 3200mm span.

Enhanced Interlayer Strength

Enables thinner glass to achieve same wind load request, reduce weight and costs.

Excellent Compatibility

Combined with family Clear, Acoustic, Storm, UV and Vanceva Colors series to achieve limitless possibilities on design.

Quality PVB Characteristics

Anti-UV function, high cohesiveness, stunning clarity, noise proof, and suitable for all kinds of glass including float glass, patterned glass, solar coating glass and low-e glass. 




Salt Fog for Edge Blush & Delamination

Test glass were placed in 35 degree and exposed to salt fog. It shows higher performance in edge blush and less susceptible to delamination compared to normal PVB.

Sealant Compatibility

sealant compatability

Durability Test

Humidity test & UV radiation test

3mm annealed glass+0.76 Saflex Structural+3mm annealed glass, 300*300mm size, total 3 pieces.
Test glass put into a container and heated to 100 degree, then maintained for 16 hours.

Stiffness Test

Check the PDF file about testing standard and results.



  • Facade and curtain wall
  • Overhead glazing system
  • Balustrade & railing system
  • Point-support system
  • Exposed balcony system
  • Flooring & elevator system

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