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Heat-strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass also names as semi-toughened glass, semi-tempered glass, or TVG. Essentially, It is a type of heat-treated glass by heating annealed glass (float glass and patterned glass) to softening point about 650 degrees, then quenching rapidly to increase glass mechanical strength. Consequently, it is twice as stronger as annealed glass.

Furthermore, its flatness is superior to annealed glass. But, without non-spontaneous breakage like toughened glass.

  • Quality Standard: GB15763, AS/NZS2208, EN1863, ASTM C 1048
  • Surface Compression: 24~52 Mpa (3500~7500 Psi)
  • Product Certificate: AS/NZS2208

Choices & Limitations:





Flat semi-toughened glass size limit: 300*300mm to 3660*18000mm 

Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm 

Color: clear, low iron, blue, grey, bronze, green, black, etc. 




Curved semi-tempered glass size limit: 500*500mm to 3660*18000mm

Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Color: clear, low iron, blue, grey, bronze, green, black, etc.

Semi-tempered Glass Features

Higher mechanical strength: first of all, it is twice stronger than annealed glass.

Thermal stability: secondly, it withstands 100 degrees temperature variation, suitable for severe climates.

Superior flatness: thirdly, because of the slower cooling pace, it has much better flatness than fully toughened glass.

No need further process: last but not least, after heat-strengthened, the glass cannot undergo any other physical process.

Semi-tempered Glass Benefits

Safety: because of it higher mechanical strength, strengthened places take it as a priority.

Stability: high thermal stability means the glass could endure high temperatures. So it is ideal in harsh climates and extreme conditions.

Flatness: combining into IGU or laminated safety glass. Thus it will meet stringent demands for flatness in large glass panels.

Easy to operate: easy to transport and install. Furthermore, it is more robust and endurable than annealed glass.

TVG Defects & Measures:

  • Not safety glass, cannot be installed where safety requires
  • Knife edges similar to annealed glass when broken
  • Combine into IGU or HS laminated glass to achieve safety standard
  • Used as IGU or TVG laminated glass

Applications: for visional spandrel panels, combined into IGU or laminated glass. Designers use it for commercial canopies, buildings roofs, building skylights, other overhead and sloped glazings, etc.

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