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LowE Double Glazing

LowE double glazing (also referred to as double glazed, DGU, insulated glass, insulating glass, IGU), which is made by two or more panes of glasses separated by a spacer inside the glass with air or inert gas to lower heat transfer. 

It is hermetically sealed by the dual sealant. The first sealant is hot-melting butyl (superior water tightness). AAnd secondary is polysulfide sealant (used for windows and doors system, excellent for airtightness) or structural sealant (used for facade and curtain wall system, excellent for anti-UV function).

Under strict environmental protection and carbon emission policy, double glazing with lower U values is more popular. High-performance double silver lowE glass, even triple silver lowE glass becomes the main trends in modern building designs. Besides, warm edge spacer and inert gas could lower the U value further.

Double silver and triple silver lowE double glazing with manual & electrical blinds, muntin grids, U shape inserts are available for customized orders.


  • Quality Standard: GB15763, AS/NZS4666, EN1279, ASTM E 2190
  • Product Certificate: CCC, AS/NZS4666, CE, IGCC

LowE double glazing certificate

IGU different choices and combinations

LowE double glazing size limit by machine: 2800*5000mm

LowE double glazing size limit by manually: 3300*15000mm

Spacer material: normal aluminum, warm edge, stainless steel

Spacer: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 27mm, etc.

Glass: float, colored, patterned, double silver and triple silver low-e glass, etc.

Sealant: Fenzi, DowCorning, GE, other Chinese brands, etc.

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IGU Features

Energy-saving: LowE glass keeps heat in the room during winter and cold air in the summer.

Noise-reduction: the double glazing is an excellent barrier for unwelcome outside noise.

Anti-condensation: cavity of the IGU reduce the likelihood of condensation due to temperature difference. 

Wind load resistance: wind load of double glazing is 15 times stronger than single glazing. 

Increased security: much harder to break than single glazing. 

Aesthetic: it is a great way to improve the appearance of the buildings through different colors and uniformity.

IGU Benefits

Energy-saving: reduce your cooling & heating costs at least 20%, compared to single glazing.

Noise-reduction: with a cavity, the double glazing can reduce 36dB noise by filling inert gas.

Anti-condensation: condensation appears on IGU under minus 80 degrees, zero degrees compared with single glazing.

Wind load resistance: double glazing is safer than a single glazing system.

Increased security: provides you a sense of security compared to other glazing material. 

Aesthetic: makes your house window and building curtain wall that modern look.

Applications of thermopane

windows and doors, facades and curtain walls, sunrooms and skylights, commercial storefronts, as well as offices, schools, and hospitals, wherever air-conditioner system exists.

Top-rated double silver and triple silver lowE IGU parameters

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