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Laminated Glass Different Types - Elite Safety Glass

Laminated Glass Different Types

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Laminated glass, also known as lam glass or lamisafe glass. It is combining two or more glass together, with interlayers between the glass panes.

There are various types of laminated glass, here is a classification summary of the laminated safety glass.


Different Interlayers

PVB Laminated Glass, EVA Lam Glass, SGP (SentryGlas).


Different Glass Colors

Acid-etched, Clear, Sapphire, Extra Clear, Black, Blue, Bronze, Frosted, Green, Grey, Sand-blasted glass substrates, etc.



Different PVB Colors

Transparent, Extra Clear, Black, Blue, Bronze, Diffused, Obscure, Opal, Opaque, White, Translucent PVB, etc.


Different Forms

Flat laminated glass, Curved laminate glass, Multi-curved lamisafe glass.


Different Layers

Two layers glass, Three layers glass, Multi-layers glass.



Different Functions


Glass Types

Float, Patterned, Reflective, Low-e, Mirror glass, etc.



Impact Resistance

Heat-strengthened laminated glass

Fully Tempered/toughened laminated glass

Fire-Resistant/fire-proof lamisafe glass

SGP/SentryGlas laminated glass




Acoustic laminated glass

Hush lamisafe glass




Fabric, Mesh, Metal, Lacquered, Painted, Silkscreen, Digital Printing laminated glass, etc.



There are still other laminated glass categories or different classifications. They are including but not limited to custom laminated glass, drilling laminated glass, double glazed lamisafe glass, etc.


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