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What is Magic Mirror - Elite Safety Glass

What is Magic Mirror

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Magic mirror, also known as a smart mirror, or display mirror. With high reflection and transmission, It turns different display devices into mirror displays.




3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.


Transfer the ordinary display to a mirror display, and change the appearance of the display.

Connect the mirror with your phone through Wifi or Bluetooth.

Achieves frameless effect by blocking the backside of the display.

Change the waterproof property of the display.

With excellent UV filtration property to protect human eyesight.


Review the desired information on the mirror you want at any time.

Easy to customize, with facial recognition, touch control, and motion sensor.

Convenient: adjust, control and display anything by simply clicks your fingertips.

Functional and cool: watching TV & MV & movies while showering, pretty cool.



In the gym centers, barbershops, museums, libraries, refrigerators, shower rooms, beauty salons, shopping centers, fitting rooms, etc.


Magic mirror or smart mirror, as the new necessities in all the public and home occasions. Will becoming more and more fashionable in the future.


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