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Different Types SentryGlas Interlayers - Elite Safety Glass

Different Types SentryGlas Interlayers

different types of sentryglas interlayers

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SentryGlas Plus Interlayer, also known as SGP interlayer, being the only structural material for laminated glass. It draws tremendous attention since its birth in 1998.

Nowadays, we got several SentryGlas interlayer choices based on different applications, light transmission, and UV transmission requirements

Following is a short introduction about all available SGP interlayers in the market.

sentryglas interlayer datasheet

SentryGlas Plus Interlayer

SGP Clear Interlayer, the most common material we are using for structural laminated glass.

The initial nomenclature was SG2000, in 2015 was updated to SG5000 or SGR5000.

3300mm/130inch width will be available since Q3 2021.

sentryglas interlayer parameter


SentryGlas N-UV Interlayer

sentryglas® n uv interlayer datasheet

It is a kind of ionoplast interlayer for transmission of more natural UV light in 2014. Nomenclature is NUV5000 or NUVR5000.

Normal SGP interlayer blocks most of the UV lights, however, this does not suit all applications.

sentryglas® n uv interlayer parameter

When combines 0.89mm interlayer with 2x4mm float glass, clear SentryGlas with less than 1% UV light, while SentryGlas N-UV with 40% UV light.

When combines 1.52mm interlayer with 2x4mm float glass, clear SentryGlas with less than 1% UV light, while SentryGlas N-UV with an amazing 50% UV light.

N-UV interlayer is widely used for exotic plants, fish, reptiles, and insects.


SentryGlas Translucent White Interlayer

sentryglas translucent white interlayer datasheet

This is a new kind developed in 2016, with only 81% visible light transmission compared to 88% of SentryGlas Plus Clear interlayer. Nomenclature is SG5000 or SGR5000, same as Clear SentryGlas interlayer.

With special thickness starts from 0.80mm per ply, normally processed with 2 plies approximate overall thickness of 1.52mm.

sentryglas translucent white interlayer parameter

The interlayer has the same structural properties as clear ionoplast interlayers. Besides, it creates a great aesthetic effect and a sense of privacy.

For the thin laminated glass under 16mm, a total thickness of 0.8mm is good to process. For the thicker laminated glass above 20mm, except 1 layer Translucent White Interlayer, 1 layer NU-V interlayer needs to be combined together in order to achieve great performance for a long period.


SentryGlas Xtra Interlayer

sentryglas xtra interlayer datasheet

SGP Xtra (SGX) is the new generation SGP interlayer launched in 2018.

Nomenclature is SG6000 or SGR6000. SentryGlas Xtra got better processability than the SentryGlas interlayer. It has better fluidity when heating and pressing, offset the tempered glass deformation caused by the air grid. With less moisture absorbance capability.

sentryglas xtra interlayer parameter

SentryGlas has to be processed by disposable vacuum bag while the SGP Xtra can be done by normal roller process with specific rolling pressure.

3300mm/130inch width will be available since Q3 2021.



Though the SentryGlas Interlayers division sold to Kuraray, DuPont got the core material still.

There is the only two production base around the world. One is located in the United States and another one in the Czech. The US factory mainly sells to the North American market including Mexico, and Czech products sell to the other places of the world. 

Minimum 1-2 months lead time is needed to get the interlayer, timeframe needs to be considered since the beginning of the project.

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