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DuPont SGP & PVB Differences and Similarities - Elite Safety Glass

DuPont SGP & PVB Differences and Similarities

pvb vs sgp

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PVB and SentryGlas interlayers are the two leading choices for laminated glass solutions.

Here is a summary of the differences and similarities.


Differences are as follows:


Original Material:

Butacite PVB has a virgin resin interlayer and recycled PVB interlayer. While SentryGlas Interlayer is based on pure ionoplast chemistry, without any plasticizers.


Stiffness & Strength:

SGP is 100 times stiffer and five times more tear-resistant than PVB.



Loads Capability:

The laminated glass of SentryGlas interlayer can bear higher loads than Butacite PVB laminates. Achieving equivalent loads using thinner glass, can lower the structural weight and material cost.

better load



Post-breakage Strength:

the broken SentryGlas laminated glass stays vertical instead of fall down of the PVB laminated glass.

pvb vs sgp


Edge Stability:

Florida 20-year-old testing, SentryGlas specimens without any edge defects or delamination, while PVB normally can keep the same performance within 10 years limited timeframe.

florida test


Clarity & Yellowness:

SentryGlas has a yellowness index of 1.5 or lower, while PVB has a yellowness index of between 6 to 12.

pvb vs sgp


Material Compatibility:

SGP glass can be combined with fabric, wire, mesh, even metal, while Butacite PVB laminated glass does not have so many compatibilities.

ceramic frit coatings test


Thickness Options:

PVB thickness starts from 0.38mm, 0.76mm. 1.14mm, 1.52mm, and multiply layers of 0.38mm. While SGP interlayer starts from 0.76mm, 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm. 2.53mm, 3.04mm. 0.80mm for SentryGlas Translucent White interlayer.


Similarities are as follows:


Safety Glass:

no matter combined with annealed glass or heat-treated glass, both PVB and SGP laminated glass is safety glass.


Strong Adhesion:

after broken, PVB and SGP interlayer will stick the glass together and keep the glass integrity.


UV Blocking:

PVB interlayer and SGP interlayer can block over 99% of UV lights and protect indoor assets from shading.


Decorative Function:

both SentryGlas and PVB laminated glass can act as a part of the building component, including but not limit to the balustrade, handrail, glass floor, etc.


Other Features:

PVB and SGP laminated glass have the features of impact resistance, anti-explosion, anti-forced entry functions.



With the increasing safety standards around the globe, laminated glass becomes an essential part of curtain wall design, windows and doors application, balustrade and handrail system, flooring and walkways, overhead glazing, and skylights.

We can choose the suitable laminated glass compositions based on wind load design, costs, applications, and structural requirements, etc.

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