6.38mm 8.38mm 10.38mm 12.38mm Clear Laminated Glass Price

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6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Clear Laminated Glass Price

Clear Laminated Glass
FOB China USD Price June. 2021

  • 6.38mm Clear Toughened Glass $10.98/sqm, Cost $1.02/sq.ft
  • 8.38mm Clear Tempered Glass $12.88/sqm, Cost $1.20/sq.ft
  • 10.38mm Clear Toughened Glass $16.17/sqm, Cost $1.50/sq.ft
  • 12.38mm Clear Toughened Glass $19.31/sqm, Cost $1.79/sq.ft
  • Plywood crate, above prices based on 1*20GP MOQ

For colored laminated glass prices, feel free to drop me an email to get real-time rates due to unstable inventory and production schedule.

Send me an email support@elitesafetyglass.com for a monthly price update.

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