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Toughened Laminated Glass Stairs and Staircases - Elite Safety Glass

Toughened Laminated Glass Stairs and Staircases

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Safety Glass Stairs & Staircases

Glass stairs, or glass staircases, is a bridge to connect lower floor to upper floor inside the building.

The whole system consists of Fascia, Landing, Stringer, Baluster, Riser, Railing, Stair Tread, Steps, etc. All those parts can be made of by toughened glass, normal PVB laminated glass or multi-layers structural SGP laminated glass.


Important Components

Steps & Stair Treads: multi-layers SGP laminated glass

Stringers/Landing/Railing: can be toughened glass, toughened glass or toughened laminated glass.


Glass Design Options

Glass edges: seamed edge, flat polish edge, round polish edge, etc.

Glass colors: clear glass, low iron glass, anti-slip glass, sand-blasted glass, frosted glass, colored glass, etc.

Cold treatment: holes, notches, cutouts, CNC shapes & edges, etc.

Heat treatment: fully toughened glass, semi-toughened glass, bent toughened glass, toughened laminated glass, etc.

Surface treatment: ceramic frit glass, silk screen glass, engraved glass, digital printing glass, etc.



1. What’s the normal thickness of single toughened glass used on the components?

The nominal thickness are 10mm (3/8 inch), 12mm (1/2 inch), 15mm (5/8 inch), 19mm (3/4 inch) toughened glass.


2. What’s the common laminated glass structural used for the stair treads?

Normally we do: 10 Clear Toughened+1.52SGP+10 Clear Toughened+1.52SGP+10 Anti-slip Toughened Laminated Glass

 12 Clear Toughened+1.52SGP+12 Clear Toughened+1.52SGP+12 Anti-slip Toughened Laminated Glass

10 Low Iron Toughened+1.52SGP+10 Low Iron Toughened+1.52SGP+10 Anti-slip Toughened Laminated Glass

 12 Low Iron Toughened+1.52SGP+12 Low Iron Toughened+1.52SGP+12 Anti-slip Toughened Laminated Glass, etc.


3. Do you have other cheaper interlayer options except for Kuraray SGP?

Yes! we do have Saflex DG41 structural interlayer and Chinese made full resin quality PVB interlayers.


4. What is your glass quality standard and what certificate do you have?

Our toughened glass, toughened laminated glass and SGP laminated glass are comply with American Standard, European Standard and Australian Standard. Including SGCC certificate, CE certificate, AS2208 certificate and Kuraray factory audit.


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