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A solarium or sunroom is any room that is exposed to the sun. It means enjoying the extra outdoor space while being protected from noise, bugs, and bad weather. 


Solarium Structure

Features & Benefits

1. Normally it is made entirely of double glazing, with an unobstructed view.

2. If you enjoy sky gazing from your own home, but without any bother from bad weather or bugs. The solarium is a perfect choice.

3. Water-proof, noise-proof, humidity-proof, and extra heat loss resistance, etc.

4. The double glazing has a strong bearing capacity of the snow, quite compatible with Canada’s climate in winter.

5. Since the solarium is made of Low-E double glazing, it has almost the same energy-saving performance as your indoor space.

6. Solarium offers a variety of sunlight into your room, you can cultivate flowers inside the solarium as well as enjoy the outside view.


Design Options



White, Bronze, Black, and other customized colors aluminum frame, with high resistance to scratch, peeling, and UV fading.


Two layers double glazing, triple-pane glazing, or even four layers insulating glass. The glass is made of high-performance double silver Low-E, triple silver Low-E equals to PPG Solarban series & Guardian High-performance Low-E glass, combined with Clear glass, Grey/Gray glass, Blue tinted glass, or Bronze tinted glass. Cavity with argon gas-filled.

Windows & Doors

Depending on the solarium style you choose, there are multiple windows, doors, and screen panels to choose from.


3 seasons Veranda, 3 seasons Solarium, and 4 seasons Solarium.


Styles & Models





Classic Curve








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