Elite Trading Company Advantages

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When purchasing products from China, many importers and company buyers will skip trading companies and choose to cooperate directly with factories in China.

They believe in “cutting off middlemen, reducing transaction costs as much as possible, and saving every penny.”

However, what is rational is actual, and what is real is rational. Trading companies exist for quite a long time, moreover, plays a more and more critical role in international trade.

Through the following article, I will demystify the top 10 advantages of trading companies in international trade.

Trading companies know more about customers and market trends

Traditional factories pay more attention to the raw materials purchasing, OEM order processing, and specific production management. In contrast, we pay more attention to customer requirements and market trends.

In addition to daily order processing and order follow-up, we are more active in the target market. As a result, we understand the most cutting-edge market information as well as customer tastes. Meanwhile, we know the change of domestic and foreign trade policies, laws, regulations, and testing standards. Hence, we can provide customers with up-to-date information to our customers, and help them to expand market share and leadership.

Trading companies possess professional communication skills

Different from the factories, focusing on order processing and daily production. We are keen to provide clients with intimate pre-sales service, in-sales service, and after-sales service. Sharpening communication skills is a regularly required course for a trading company like us. Through long-term learning, we understand more about design, sampling, packaging, and shipping issues like the back of our hands. Therefore, our customers save more time and energy in deal with factories.

Timely response: our response speed is measured in minutes and hours, not in days or weeks, as factories do. You can contact us at any time by phone, email, or chat tools. We are available twenty-four-seven.

Optimization of supply chain

Different markets and different customers need different quality level. Fortunately, we are connecting with varying degrees of factories to meet the diversified requirements of customers.

You do not have to spend much time in the vast amount of information to find a suitable supplier. Instead, we will take the particular job for you. Thus, you can focus more on value-added tasks to create more wealth.

The added value of trading companies

Supplier matching: With 9 years experience, we are familiar with the Chinese supply chain system. As well as the place of origin, and the real situation of factories. Therefore, we are capable of locating right manufacturers according to the particular requirements of customers.

Negotiation with suppliers: As a Chinese-based team, we have a better understanding of the Chinese way of thinking and talking.

Factory audit: We can do the factory audit instead of the customer. Not only discloses the real situation of the factories, but also saves time and travel expenses for the customers.

Raw material inspection: We have full set of inspection procedures from beginning to end. They are including but limited to lowE glass production date inspection, as well as lowE glass brand inspection. Moreover, interlayers inspection, sealant inspection. Last but not least, heat soak supervision is absolutely needed for every order.

Goods inspection: Compared with third-party inspection agencies, such as SGS/BV/Intertek, we are more professional about the products, and know well about critical problems and minor problems.

Trading companies are skillful at professional knowledge

Compared with the factory’s specialty of production, our specialties include but are not limited to products. We are also involved in a comprehensive understanding of customer tastes, market demand, market trends, trading policy, product packaging, transportation, as well as overseas sales and marketing. 

We can communicate with you at the same level, making you feel comfortable, while also saving your valuable time.

Trading companies are flexible

Trail order MOQ: Considering the cost of large-scale production, factory usually requires a 20*GP MOQ. If you want to place a trial order, the factory will increase the price significantly. But, we have more alternative suppliers, not only a lower MOQ could be accepted, but also you do not need to bear unnecessary additional costs.

Payment terms: Most factories require an advance payment of 30% to 50%, arrange balance before shipment. Instead, for our regular customers, we can accept a lower proportion of the advance payment and flexible timetable for balance.

Lead time: In the peak season, due to limitations of factory production capacity, they cannot meet customer delivery requests. While, we will divert the orders to different factories to fulfill customer shipment demands.

A package deal

Suppose customers need several product categories, or they need to put different goods from different locations into one container. It is quite challenging for a typical manufacturer to complete this job, but we can solve all the problems for you with ease.

Customers do not need to communicate with a dozen sales and merchandisers from different factories at the same time. We will integrate resources and help customers take care of everything.

Trading companies have lower operating costs

The considerable equipment investment in the factory, hundreds of people’s labor costs, management costs, financial costs, daily operation, and factory rents will increase the unit price of the products. While we only need small office space, and a service team that consists of three to five people (including a purchasing, a merchandiser, and a goods inspector).

Lower operating costs mean we do not need to add extra more money on the orders to support our employees. Under our integrated and optimized supply chain, we can offer our clients a lower price than many factories.

Offer free samples and bear the air freight

Taking the customer requests as our top priority, we are always willing to provide free samples. To a certain extent, we can even bear the cost of air freight to ensure our customers get samples in the shortest timetable. In order to promoting the progress of related projects. 

In contrast, factory sales may struggle with the freight or even the sample charge with the customer, which leads to miserable customer experience.

Crisis management

Unhappy things happen sometimes.

No one can guarantee 100% perfect products, but we’re pursuing for 100% customer satisfaction. We always act as a solution-provider and a problem-solver on behalf of our clients.

Upon receiving customer complaints, we will looking into possible reasons in the shortest time, as well as providing several solutions within 7 days maximum.

In conclusion, we can be a perfect choice or replenishment for you in your importing business. 

As a matter of fact, we provide sourcing, negotiating, factory audit, goods inspection, door-to-door service, after-sales service, and much more. 

If you know more advantages of trading company, we welcome your comments down below to discuss.

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