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Toughened Glass Different Applications - Elite Safety Glass

Toughened Glass Different Applications

different applications of toughened glass

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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass also know as tempered glass, is processed by heating annealed glass to its softening point, and then quenched rapidly by compressed air flow. It increases the physical properties and stability of the float glass. 

As long as keep the same thermal performance with normal glass, toughened glass is four to five times stronger than non heat-treated glass.

Toughened glass is additionally called safety glass, due to the fact that it is more difficult to damage. In case of a breakage, it breaks into little obtuse fragments that are much less dangerous than the sharp-edged shards by normal flat glass.

The safety glass is extremely recommended for areas that call for extra strength yet stunning transparency. Continue reading and learn about the various applications of different thickness toughened tempered glass from 4mm to 19mm in the exterior and interiors of the world.

4mm Tempered Glass

Widely used for greenhouses, sunroom panels, glass louvers, windows panel, fire hydrant cabinet doors, etc.

5mm Toughened Glass

Applied for display cases, kitchen splash backs, louvers, windows, etc.

6mm Toughened Glass

Appropriate for coffee tables, windows, splash backs, tabletops, etc.

8mm Toughened Glass

Installed on doors, decks, fence, partitions, pergolas, shower door, etc.

10mm Tempered Glass

Are suitable for balustrades, doors, decks, fences, handrails, railings, sports arenas, etc.

12mm Toughened Glass

Be common seen on balustrades, balcony, decks, glass wall, handrail, pool fencing panels, railings, roofs, etc.

15mm Toughened Glass

Normally installed as glass facades,  glass fins, canopy, pergolas, showcases, staircases, etc.

19mm Toughened Glass

Used as glass curtain wall, glass fins, glass skylights, glass staircases, etc.


Not only clear tempered toughened glass, but also extra clear/ultra clear/ low iron glass have exact same thicknesses.

With superior stunning appearances and becoming more and more popular in both interior and exterior decorations,  though with higher prices.

Have we missed some important applications of toughened glass?

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