Things About Double Glazing

things about double glazing

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Discover the Power of Two Layers of Protection

When it comes to glass, few options offer as much protection and increase efficiency as double-glazed glass. Read on to learn more about double glazing, and how this style of glass can bring added benefits to your windows.

Glass plays a special role in our daily lives – and one that often goes unnoticed. From keeping the outside elements from invading our homes, businesses, and automobiles to adding a special touch to the look and feel of a building’s architecture.

With glass remaining an important part of building manufacturing, knowing that your glass is strong and offers powerful efficiency is paramount. In the world of glass engineering, few styles offer as many benefits as double-glazed glass.

By bringing together two panes of glass into a single unit, double glazing exponentially increases the effectiveness and efficiency of a pane of glass. Whether working to prevent the thermal loss, keep energy costs low, or protect from the elements, double glazing could be the best choice for your home or business.

In this article, we will break down the concept of double glazing, and take a closer look at the benefits of this engineered glass style. Read on to learn more about double glazing, and why you should bring this glass to your windows today.

What Is Double Glazed Glass?

In short, double glazed glass is just that: double-paned glass. Glazing is a word that is derived from an ancient word for glass that finds its roots in the early Middle Eastern glassblowers.

In modern days, most uses of glazing refer to the manufacturing and engineering of panes of glass. Single-glazing and double glazing will refer to the number of panes that the glass contains. In some extreme climates and exotic locations requiring extra protection, triple-glazed glass can be utilized.

How Is Glass Double-Glazed?

Not only does double glazed refer to the number of layers in a glass pane, but it can also refer to the process by which the glass is engineered. In windows particularly, the majority of the window is the double-glazed glass that is sealed. This insulated glass unit is referred to in the industry as an “IGU.” The IGU then sits in a window frame that can be made from a variety of materials.

The engineering of an IGU brings together two sheets of glass that are separated by a spacer to create the iconic “gap” between the two panes. This gives the double glazed glass the appearance of having empty space between the two glazed panes.


Why Choose Double-Glazed Glass?

When it comes to glass for residential, and commercial buildings, nothing can beat the efficiency of double-glazed glass. The double panes of glass offer a variety of benefits that help make the choice of double glazing a no-brainer for those looking to enjoy the durability and efficiency of the powerful glass. Take a look at the top benefits of double glazed.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When it comes to choosing glass for windows, it is essential that you choose an option that offers increased efficiency. The double glazed glass features two panes of parallel glass that offer increased insulation and protection. This added layer of glazed glass will stop thermal loss and stop UV rays from penetrating between the panes.

The result? Increased efficiency and decreased utility costs during all seasons. The power of double-glazed glass has become so popular that many home manufacturers default to this option when building new homes.

Protection from The Elements

By combining two panes through double-glazing, the durability and protective barrier are increased to keep the ‘outdoors’ truly outdoors. The double-glaze creates an increased buffer zone that will help decrease the loss of energy and offer extra support to the glass.

Increased Insulation Options

Modern double-glazed windows can now be manufactured and engineered to offer a variety of insulation options. While the space in a double-glazed window may appear empty, space is often filled with inert gases like argon. These added gasses can boost the insulation level of the double glazed and keep thermal loss to a minimum.

In some places, double-glazed windows are given another layer of protection. These triple-glazed windows (also known as low-emissivity windows) are built to withstand some of the harshest elements and temperatures on earth. While you may never need that kind of high-powered glass protection, having windows that are only a step below can give you peace of mind for the long-term.


Installing double-glazed glass can help you save money over time. Not only will the increased insulation offer lower utility costs, but the durability of this glass will keep you from facing repair and replacements over time. Double-glazed glass is engineered to last and withstand the elements with strength.

R-Value: How to Supercharge Your Double-Glazed Glass

Not only is double-glazed glass a leader in efficiency and effectiveness, but with a few simple steps, the glass can be optimized to exceed industry standards. The key is understanding the glass industry’s R-value.

The R-Value system measures a piece of glass’s resistance to the transfer of energy across the pane. The higher a glass’s R-Value, the higher the performance of resistance to energy transfer. A high R-value will also boost the insulation that the glass provides, which will offer a variety of benefits for the building or vehicle that the glass is installed on.

R-Value Ranges

The R-value of glass will vary depending on the strength of the glazing. Adding interior insulation or argon and low-E coating can also help the R-value of glass. Take a look at the average R-values below to see the benefits of double-glazed glass:

  • Single-glazed glass: 0.9 R-value
  • Double-glazed glass: 2.04 R-value
  • Double-glaze glass with added argon and low-E coating: 3.846 R-value

As seen above, the R-value of glass quickly rises as additional glazing is added to the pane of glass. As glass manufacturers continue to optimize the effectiveness of glass glazing, the rating of insulation and efficiency grows. With double-glazed glass, you can enjoy the benefits of better climate control and energy efficiency.

Tips to Boost Double-Glazed Glass Efficiency

While glass designers have not quite mastered the ability to stop all energy transfer between each side of the pane, the increased power of double-glazed glass will help keep energy costs low and offer increased durability.

However, there are steps that one can take to help boost the power of a double-glazed pane of glass. Whether the glass is in a home, business, or vehicle, following these tips can help you maximize the benefits of double-glazed glass.

Add Thermal Curtains

There are a variety of thermal curtains on the market that can help boost the R-value of double-glazed glass by stopping the energy that passes through the pane from entering the other side. Similar to black-out curtains that you may use in a child’s room, thermal curtains are a great way to help increase double-glazed glass effectiveness.

Insulate Double-Glazed Glass with Film

You can also add a small strip of insulating plastic to the trim of a double-glazed window to create an air-tight seal. This plastic strip can be adhered to using the high heat of a hairdryer, and will effectively stop thermal loss between the spaces where the glass is installed.

Weatherproof Older Windows

If your double-glazed windows have some years under their belts, they may need to be weatherproofed. Over time, the changes in weather, settling of the foundation, and normal wear and tear can cause the window to pull away and crack the seals around the glass. Using silicone caulk around the double-glazed window can help you stop the loss of energy.

Check & Replace Any “Foggy” Windows

Have you ever noticed that your windows have a “foggy” look to them that you can’t seem to wipe away? That fog is actually moisture that has been allowed to gather as the seals around the window seals have failed. If your glass is double-glazed, this can cause the glass to weaken over time. Take note of any windows that are showing this “fog” and make plans to replace them with newer-quality double-glazed glass.

Enjoy the Benefits of Double-Glazing with Elite Safety Glass

The benefits of double-glazed glass far outweigh the single-glazed alternative. Not only can double-glazed glass offer increased efficiency and reduce the overall utility costs of a building, but they offer increased durability that will ensure that the glass lasts.

The best way to maximize the benefits of double-glazed glass is to work directly with a team of glass installation specialists. At Elite Safety Glass, our team of experienced glass installation contractors can help you discover how to add double-glazed glass to your home or business. Not only will you enjoy the added benefits of double-glazed glass in your property, but you can trust that every pane will be handled with care and installed quickly.

Ready to learn more? Contact Elite Safety Glass today to discover how to bring home the power of double-glazing today, and speak with a member of our team to build a personalized installation plan.

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