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E2074 Door Assemblies Fire Test Standard - Elite Safety Glass

E2074 Door Assemblies Fire Test Standard

astm e2074 standard test method for fire tests of door assemblies including positive pressure testing of side hinged and pivoted swinging door assemblies

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Things about ASTM-E2074-00: Standard test method for fire tests of door assemblies, including positive pressure testing of side-hinged and pivoted swinging door assemblies.

1.1 This fire-test-response standard is applicable to door assemblies for use in walls to retard the passage of fire.

1.2 This fire-test-response standard determines the ability of door assemblies to function as a fire-resistive barrier during a standard fire endurance test. Such test meth shall not be construed as determining the suitability of door assemblies for continued use after their exposure to fire.

1.3 This fire-test-response standard is intended to evaluate the ability of a door assembly to remain in an opening during a predetermined test exposure, which when required by 12.10 is then followed by the application of a hose stream.

1.4 The hose stream test used in this test method is not designed to be representative of an actual hose stream used by a fire department during fire suppression efforts.

1.5 The fire exposure is not representative of all fire conditions, which vary with changes in the amount, nature, and distribution of the fire loading, ventilation, compartment size and configuration, and heat characteristics of the compartment. It does, however, provide a relative measure of fire endurance of door assemblies under specified fire exposure conditions.

1.6 Any variation from the tested construction or test conditions will possibly change the performance characteristics of the door assembly.

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