ASTM C1376 Glass Pyrolytic Coatings

astm c1376 pyrolytic and vacuum deposition coatings on flat glass

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Things about ASTM-C1376: Pyrolytic and vacuum deposition coatings on flat glass

1.1 This specification covers the optical and aesthetic quality requirements for coatings applied to glass for use in building glazing.

1.2 The coatings covered are applied to the glass using either pyrolytic or vacuum (sputtering) deposition methods and are typically applied to control solar heat gain, energy performance, comfort level, and condensation and enhance the aesthetic of the building.

1.3 This specification addresses blemishes related to the coating only. It does not address glass blemishes, applied ceramic frits, and organic films.

1.4 Dimensional values are stated in inch-pound units and are to be regarded as the standard units for this specification. The metric units given in parentheses are for information only.

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