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15mm Toughened Glass - Elite Safety Glass

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15mm Thick Toughened Glass

It is processed by heating 15mm clear float glass, 15mm low iron/extra clear glass, or 15mm frosted/acid-etched glass to 650 degrees softening point, and then quenched rapidly. It creates tension inside the glass and compression outside the glass surface.

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Heating Time

15mm clear/low iron/extra clear/ultra clear/Starphire/super clear tempered glass in Radiant furnace: 39s/mm, total 580 seconds~590 seconds

15mm clear/low iron/extra clear/ultra clear/Starphire/super clear toughened glass in Forced Convection furnace: 28s/mm, 412 seconds~422 seconds


Quenching Time

15mm toughened glass Quench Time=Glass Thickness^1.8=15mm^1.8=131s


Compression & Tension Zone

21% (3.15mm) up & down part with compression, 58% (8.70mm) middle part with tension.

Surface compression >90Mpa (over 13000Psi).


15mm Toughened Glass Standard & Certificate

North American

ASTM C1048 standard, SGCC certificate


EN12150 standard, CE certificate

Australia & New Zealand

AS/NZS2208-1996 standard, AS/NZS 2208 certificate


Features & Benefits


Flatness Quality

<0.2% local bow & <0.3% arc bow standard, with non-visual defects in the surface.


3~5 stable cooperative factories to guarantee lead time based on different requests.

Turnkey Solution

From smaller size glass louver to giant glass 3660mm*18000mm toughened glass.


when 15mm tempered glass panel is broken, it will break into granularities to prevent series of injuries.   


15mm clear/low iron toughened glass is about 4~5 times stronger than 15mm annealed glass.


15mm clear and extra clear toughened glass can withstand 280℃ temperature variation. 



Glass Door Panel

Stair Treads

Glass Pool Fencing Panels

Point Supported Facade

Mall French Windows 

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