Tempered Glass Deck Panels

Tempered Glass Deck Panels The tempered glass deck is a safe barrier, in order to prevent potential injury or people falling down from the terrace or the balcony. It is also known as glass deck railing, glass balcony, glass balustrade, glass fence, etc. Deck Glass Panels Thicknesses 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm for Clear tempered/toughened […]

Tempered Glass Door

What is Tempered Glass Door? Doors are important devices for access to the interior, and modern doors are designed not only for safety but also for aesthetics and protection, and other functions. Various modern door systems such as Swing door systems, Sliding door systems, Folding door systems create a wider space, combined with the design […]

8mm 10mm 12mm Tempered Glass Partition

Definition Glass Partition, is a type of glass barrier used as a temporary wall. It is becoming more and more popular with lower cost, easy to install, and good vision block effect.   Tempered Glass Types The glass partition can be tempered glass, tempered heat-soaked glass, laminated glass, etc.   Glass Choices Clear tempered glass […]

Colored Glass Facade

The glass facade has become an independent element of architectural expression after a long period of development and refinement. Among them, color expression is the focus of the artistic expression of glass curtain wall technology! The absorption, reflection, and transmission of light by the glass is an important reason for its ability to present different […]

Secondary Glazing

If you are a homeowner and are looking to save energy in your home, improve heat retention, and decrease your bills, one of the top options you may want to consider is secondary glazing. If you live in an older property, secondary glazing takes your existing single-glazed panels and upgrades them either temporarily or permanently. […]